Have a go at... Taekwondo

A Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques

Friday, 23rd June 2017, 12:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:47 am

Why: Martial arts training improves balance, flexibility, stamina, strength and posture.Unlike many other forms of physical activity, martial arts also have a mental element which not only improves the mind’s focus but also helps provide confidence and self control.How it works: People begin by practicing basic patterns and forms, board breaking, kicking, blocking, striking, and punching.Benefits: Martial arts can enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers; build confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life; develop discipline and strengthen the mind and body. It can also teach self-defence by training you to recognize situations in which physical self-defense may be necessary, and teaching you how to control such situations to your advantage.

Give it a go at:

Leyland and Chorley Taekwondo: Tuesday evenings between 7pm - 8pm in the main hall at Leyland Leisure Centre or the upstairs activity studio at Chorley All Seasons Leisure Centre on Saturday mornings from 11am - 12pm. More information at https://www.leylandchorleytaekwondo.com/

Lancs Taekwondo: At Penwortham Priory High School; Trinity Methodist Primary School, Buckshaw; Buckshaw Village Community Centre; Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School; Clayton Green Leisure Centre. Visit http://www.lancs-taekwondo.co.uk

Preston Taekwondo: Preston College Sports Centre – Tuesdays 7pm or Fulwood Leisure Centre – Sundays 4pm. For more information call 07938 719053 or 01772 671254 or visit http://www.prestontaekwondo.club

Northern Taekwondo: Penwortham Leisure Centre 6pm - 7.30pm Fridays; Longridge Leisure Centre Wednesdays 6pm until 8pm; Wesham Community Centre Mondays 6pm until 7.30pm. For more information visit http://www.northerntaekwondo.co.uk

Garstang Taekwondo: Family class at Garstang YMCA Saturday at 10.30am.Tiny Titans 6pm Fridays from four years; family club 7.30pm Fridays . Venue is Garstang Community Centre on the High Street