Headstone hopes for tragic biker

Kieran-Dean Forster of Astley Village
Kieran-Dean Forster of Astley Village
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A fundraising event is being held to pay for a headstone in memory of a Chorley motorcyclist who died after hitting a lamp post.

Kieran Dean-Forster was travelling on his beloved 125 Yamaha bike to visit some friends on May 26 when he came off on Ackhurst Road and died.

Now a fundraising event is being held at the Barons Rest pub in Astley Village in November 12 to raise enough money to pay for a fitting memorial for the former Parklands Language College pupil.

His mum Gail Forster said: “Kieran is buried at Chorley Cemetery and we want to have a statue of a motorbike as his headstone which is going to cost a lot of money between £2,000-2,500.

“However, we are hoping that all the funds from the memorial night will be enough to be able to pay for it. All we want is the best for Kieran.

“The headstone will have Union Jacks and tartan on it which he loved.

“It got to the stage where some people could not contribute as much money as others. So we have arranged the night with collecting tubs and a raffle so they can give what they can afford.

“The night will be a fitting tribute to him and it has been hectic keeping us busy trying to organise it.”

The family are hoping to find out what happened at an inquest on October 6 at Preston Coroners’ Court but fear there may still some unanswered questions about his death.

Gail, the mother of the former Parklands Language College pupil, said: “We are not looking forward to it and just will be going along to hear what happened.

“It has been like a cloud hanging over us and we cannot do anything until we find out.”

She said she still had concerns about the safety of the road where the accident happened. “We have spoken to a few other motorcyclists and they have told us that the road has got a bit of a camber and you have to be careful not to come off,” said Gail.

“Also, across the road there is the waterworks where a lot of vehicles pull out of and motorcyclists have to swerve out of the way to avoid them.

“There could be better sight lines for motorists coming out of that road.”

Among the highlights on the fundraising night on November 12 will include three live bands playing and setting off chinese lanterns. Tickets on the night will cost £5 and money raised from the raffle will go towards a headstone.