‘Here’s a Haribo sweet ring...now will you agree to be my wife?’

Vicki Rhodes and Darren Rhodes  PHOTOS: Paul Ridyard & Kay Turner
Vicki Rhodes and Darren Rhodes PHOTOS: Paul Ridyard & Kay Turner
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Darren and Vicki Rhodes were adamant all of their friends and family could be at their wedding - even if it meant screening the ceremony across the Atlantic.

The couple met in January this year and just a week after their first date, Darren, an engineer, told Vicki he loved her - albeit by mistake.

Vicki, a healthcare assistant from Preston says, “He told me he loved me by accident on the phone, saying ‘love you, bye’

“It was only when I thought about it a day or so later that I realised what strong feelinga I had for him too.”

Six months later, Darren, originally from Saddleworth, found the perfect way to perk up Vicki’s bad day.

“I was feeling pretty stressed so got in the bath, the next thing I knew he was standing by me with one arm sticking out of the door,” says Vicki.

When Darren finally revealed what he had been hiding, it was a Haribo sweet ring that he asked her to marry him with. A few days later they bought an engagement ring and set a date.

As members of Heritage Church, Preston, the couple were married at their place of worship on October 11. And the couple’s friend, Scott, who had moved to America, watched it all on Skype.

“Our wedding had been planned very quickly and on a very tight budget but the day could not have been any more perfect,” say the couple.

“The whole church got involved in the planning like a big family.”

As is custom at their church, Vicki’s new husband served her communion before the newlyweds lit their unity candle to symbolise their marriage.

“When we went back inside from having our photographs taken an iPad was passed over to us and there Scott was, smiling at us, eating his breakfast while watching our wedding,” says Vicki.

“It brought a tear to my eye seeing him as we are all very good friends and to hear him and for him to see our wedding from all that way away meant a lot.”

Following the ceremony, Vicki and Darren held a reception in the church.

“It was surreal to realise that I had married the man I knew from after a week that I would spend the rest of my life with.”

Brides parents

Wendy Martin & David Mguire

Best man

Jason Green , Pastor of the couple’s church


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