WELL DONE: Chorley Council Streetscene staff Paul Roberts, left, and Adam Masterson
WELL DONE: Chorley Council Streetscene staff Paul Roberts, left, and Adam Masterson
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TWO council workers have been hailed as heroes after saving a man threatening to jump off a motorway bridge.

Quick-thinking Paul Roberts and Adam Masterson grabbed the man who had climbed over the railings of the bridge over the M61 last Wednesday at Sandy Lane, Brindle, and pulled him to safety.

Streetscene workers at Chorley Council, Paul and Adam had been driving along Sandy Lane to wash the roadside signs by the motorway bridge when they saw a woman at the railings. As they went past, they saw she was holding on to a man who was on the other side of the railings facing the traffic below.

Paul said: “The lady seemed quite distressed. She wasn’t with the man, but had been passing in her car when she saw him. Adam went over to her and I dialled 999. The police were already aware of the situation so the lady must have phoned them.

“We went either side of the man and tried to assess what state he was in. Then two PCSOs arrived, and they said the best way was to just get him off as quickly as possible because he was leaning further and further forward towards the traffic.

“Adam grabbed him round the waist and I freed his feet which he’d put through the railings and the four of us dragged him back over the railings. Then a whole load of police arrived and we were thanked for our help by the PCSOs and they shook our hand. It all happened so quickly, we didn’t have time to think, we just reacted but we couldn’t just ignore a situation that could have ended in tragedy. We just had to get out and get him off the bridge.”

Adam said: “It only hit me when we got back because everyone was saying ‘well done’. I had just thought it was one of those things but then we realised that we had helped to stop something that could have ended in tragedy.”

Coun Peter Goldsworthy, Chorley Council leader, said: “It was the heroic actions by Paul and Adam that saved this man. They saw what was happening and reacted to avert what could have been a tragedy. It is good to know that our staff care enough to get involved and will not just drive by when they see an incident where they can help.”