High school students hoping to dance to the top

Holy Cross Catholic High School students Grace Noblet and Frankie Morgan, 14
Holy Cross Catholic High School students Grace Noblet and Frankie Morgan, 14
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Two schoolgirls hope to dance their way to success – and while one is jigging, the other is jiving!

Holy Cross Catholic High School pupils Frankie Morgan and Grace Noblet, both 14, excel at their chosen dance moves and have won medals and awards.

Frankie, from Chorley, recently passed her gold award for ballroom dancing and trains twice a week.

Grace, who lives in Whittle-le-Woods, has Irish ancestory and dreams of performing on stage in River Dance.

She also hopes to go to the Irish dancing world championships in Canada this year.

The two are friends at school and admire each other’s talents – but do not fancy swapping roles.

Frankie, who hopes to become a dance teacher, said: “I tried Irish dancing and fell over.”

Grace said: “I started with ballroom and Irish dancing but chose the latter.

“I couldn’t do what Frankie does, she is really good at it.”

Frankie dances waltz, jive, quick-step, foxtrot, tango, cha-cha and more.

She dances as the woman – but also had to do the man’s role as part of her gold exam.

“It is tricky and there is a lot to remember,” she said.

“One minute I can be doing the waltz and I can just go into another dance.”

For her gold exam she had to remember nine dances.

She said: “The dances are all very similar so it can be difficult to remember and it is hard when someone is watching your every move,.

“But now I have bronze, silver and gold award in ballroom dancing – although there are still more to get.

“I started ballroom dancing when I was seven and I do enjoy dressing up – although I could do without all the hairspray.

“It has got more popular with Strictly Come Dancing.

“I don’t really watch it but my mum does and is always saying when someone does something wrong.”

Grace’s Irish dancing costumes cost £1,500 and she competes all around the world in them.

She took part in the all-Ireland championships in Dublin, the open championships and a qualifier for world championships which will take place in Montreal.

Grace said: “I train three times a week for three hours and sometimes it’s more if we have a competition coming up.

“I saw River Dance aged three and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

“I would love to take a gap year after college and take part in a big tour such as River Dance or Lord Of The Dance.”

Frankie added: “Grace took my breath away when I saw her Irish dance.

“I knew she was good but never knew she was that good.”