Historic pillbox is target for vandals

DAMAGE: The pillbox in Buckshaw Village.
DAMAGE: The pillbox in Buckshaw Village.
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A precious piece of wartime history has been vandalised by nuisance yobs.

A Second World War pillbox which was only discovered last year in Buckshaw Village has been tarnished in graffiti.

Vandals also covered several bins throughout the village in graffiti and snapped a number of trees.

Parish Councillor Aidy Riggott, said: “In my mind this is deliberate, wanton criminal damage that shows scant regard to our community and I am absolutely dismayed and outraged at the lack of respect that is being shown to our village.”

All the incidents have been reported to the police, Residential Management Group (RMG), who maintain the land in Buckshaw Village and the developers Redrow.

Coun Riggott added: “It would take some serious effort to break trees of this size and stature.

“I have appealed on social media for any residents that witnessed these acts of wanton damage to please pass on any information they have to the police.

A spokesperson from RGM said: “We totally understand the frustration of the residents seeing their village damaged by vandals and we will work with both the community and the police to address this issue.

“We met with the police on Tuesday and they have agreed to increase patrols particularly at the weekends when Buckshaw Village suffers more from this vandalism.

“We will be addressing all the damaged trees and removing the graffiti in the next week as it’s unfair that residents have to pay via insurance claims or directly through their service charge for such acts.

“We encourage residents to report any incidents they witness to both the police and ourselves.”

As well as stepping up patrols officers have told residents to phone 101 with information.