Hospital staff in union protest

Unite the Union outside Chorley Hospital, protesting about the NHS' proposed pension scheme
Unite the Union outside Chorley Hospital, protesting about the NHS' proposed pension scheme
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A union staged a dinner time protest to voice their concerns over possible changes to the national pension scheme.

Approximately 12 members of Unite The Union, a campaigning union that fights back for employees in the workplace, stood outside Chorley Hospital on Wednesday to express their beliefs on the NHS’ proposed alterations.

They spent their time handing out leaflets to people coming in and out of the hospital, to highlight issues they feel will affect Chorley residents.

These include the potential increase to the pension age, lower quality benefits, and lower pension increases.

The group received a great deal of encouragement from the general public, with many honking their horns in support of hospital staff.

Steve Turner, secretary of Chorley’s Unite The Union, said: “The fight against unfair attacks on working people continues, and we are grateful for the support of the public.

“We are all in this together, in opposing the government plans that attack workers.

“People need spending power to kick start the economy, and reducing their spendable income is not the way.”

The protest was part of an ongoing campaign regarding the NHS’ proposed Health and Social Care Bill and its possible privatisation.

Mr Turner said: “In our opinion, the people of Chorley are right to be anxious and concerned about these changes.

“The history of change being forced on Chorley is long and our community have always come out to defend our Local Health Service.

“We at Defend Chorley Hospital Campaign want to be proved wrong, the community definitely have nothing to gain is we are right, but from our experience if we don’t voice our concerns and campaign, the community of Chorley will be ignored.

“Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the Health Service, said the people of Britain will have a publicly owned, free at the point of need, National Health Service, so long as they are willing to defend and fight for it.

“We are those people he was talking about.

“This is an ongoing campaign against austerity.”

Chorley Hospital were not informed of any industrial action at the demonstration.