Hoyle’s delight at re-election into high-profile role

Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle
Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle
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Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle has been re-elected as the deputy speaker of the House of Commons.

Mr Hoyle held the high-profile role in the last parliament and he secured his victory with 302 votes.

Mr Hoyle defeated fellow Labour MP Natascha Engel, who recieved 46 votes, and the Conservatives Eleanor Laing, who recieved 84 votes in the election.

The victory for Mr Hoyle ensures he will be the chairman of ways and means for another five years and in turn it means he will be chairing the budget statement.

Mr Hoyle said: “I’m delighted that I’ve got huge support from the political parties.

“It’s a huge vote of support for the job I do and I’m really pleased and overwhelmed.

“I’m now preparing for the special budget which will take place in a couple of weeks.

The chairman of ways and means is a senior member at the House of Commons and acts as one of the three deputy speakers.

The chairman is the principal deputy speaker of the Commons, presiding over the house in the speaker’s absence.