Husband play midwife for second time

Elisabeth and Daniel Beverley and their baby daughter who Daniel delivered in a clockroom with their children Eve, three, Rachel, two and Gabriel, four
Elisabeth and Daniel Beverley and their baby daughter who Daniel delivered in a clockroom with their children Eve, three, Rachel, two and Gabriel, four
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A panicked dad who delivered one of his children in a hospital car park was forced to play midwife a SECOND time when his wife gave birth on their bathroom floor.

And in a twist, it emerged that Daniel Beverley’s own dad Malcolm, had been forced to deliver HIM on a kitchen table.

Daniel, 28. admits he was terrified when wife Elisabeth’s waters broke at their home in Chorley, after his experience seeing her have daughter Eve, now three, in the car in Chorley Hospital car park.

He said: ‘You would have thought I was in labour.

“I am such a panicker.

“I was the same when Eve was being born,

“I didn’t want to deliver her, so I was determined I was going to get her to a midwife.

“I ran in and got one for Eve just in time, but she was born in the car.”

This time round Daniel, dad to Gabriel, four, Eve, three, and Rachel, two, found himself fretting as the midwife delivered instructions to him down the phone.

Daniel explained: “The cord was round our baby’s neck, and then it was sheer panic.

“I was just terrifed - the midwife asked me if she was a nice pinky colour, and I was like no she’s a grey, blue colour.

“My adrenalin was pumping.

“I was trying my best to hold our little girl up, but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

“At least Elisabeth doesn’t give birth like those on ‘One Born Every Minute’ (TV show), she was so calm.”

Elisabeth, 25, said: “My contractions started at six in the morning, and I was waiting for them to get stronger.

“When it was constant, I decided they were strong enough to go to the hospital.

“We called up Preston and contacted the Chorley midwife, to go through the right procedure.

“When my waters were broken and my contractions were strong, the midwife she said she would be 15 minutes.

“I said ‘It’s going to come’ and I thought ‘I am not going to be able to hold this.’”

The midwife arrived an hour and a half later, by which time ‘super hero’ Daniel had already welcomed a - as yet unnamed - healthy 6lb 10oz little girl into the world and announced her arrival to his friends via social media network, Facebook.

With his own mother Linda having had Daniel on her living room table, and with his wife now having two unplanned deliveries, it’s now down to Gabriel to carry on what is fast becoming a family tradition. “My dad delivered me, so now Gabriel has to deliver one of his children.

“He’d be a lot calmer than me, that’s for sure.

“My dad stopped me from falling off the table, because I shot out so fast.

“My mum wants it to carry on as a tradition now.”

The Beverley’s have admitted the birth has not put them off adding to the brood - they hope to have a total of twelve children.

Marie Chambers, Midwife at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: ”Elisabeth’s husband called me saying that the baby was about to arrive.

“I talked him through what he had to do over the phone; he was very good and listened to everything I told him.

“Two minutes later the baby was born, and when I arrived at their house shortly afterwards Mum and baby were the picture of serenity.”