In the dark

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HOMES, schools and businesses in a Chorley village were hit by a power cut that in some cases spanned more than 20 hours.

Electricity engineers restored the majority of supplies that affected parts of Euxton in three hours.

But some businesses only had full power restored many hours later.

The power cut hit the village at 2.20pm on Tuesday, afftecting 27 customers, said Electricity North West.

One of them was Busy Bodies children’s nursery, on Wigan Road.

Owner Joanne Jump said: “It has affected us and I’m not happy about it.

“We have young babies here. We had to send the children home early.

“At 4pm it came on, at 4.30pm it went back off again. I was here at 5pm and it was dark.”

She said the power came back on again on Wednesday morning, but that it went off again at 10am to repair the fault.

“I understand they need to make these repairs, but they need to inform businesses the electricity is going to be off, especially when we’ve got such young children here and there’s no heating and lighting.

“We’ve got about 40 or 50 children and we were wondering how we were going to cook their meals.

“It came on about 10.50am this morning (yesterday), it was off 50 minutes.

“Nobody has been in touch with me to give me an update like they said they would, to say what’s going on.”

Euxton Dental Centre, Wigan Road, was also cut off.

A spokesperson said: “We had to cancel quite a lot of patients yesterday morning (Tuesday) and this morning.

“It’s a shame because patients come in, sit here and the electricity goes off. It’s very difficult.”

A spokesperson for Euxton CE Primary School, Bank Lane, said: “The electricity went off just after lunch (Tuesday) but was back on at the end of the school day.

“We weren’t terribly inconvenienced, we managed.”

Electricity North West said a fault affected 27 customers in Euxton at 2.20pm on Tuesday and engineers restored the majority of supplies at 5.30pm.

A spokesperson said: “We apologise to customers for this fault. When our engineers restored supplies we discovered a second fault affecting three local businesses which had partial electricity supply throughout the night.

“Engineers removed supplies to these three properties at 9.50am this morning (yesterday) for safety reasons while we repaired the fault, and fully restored everyone within the hour.”