It was mind over matter for dozens of determined runners who completed their couch to 5k

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Runners taking part in a Couch to 5k challenge in the centre of Chorley laced up for their graduating jog on Saturday.

Dozens completed the course around Astley Park - after nine weeks of training to reach this point.

Couch to 5K graduating run in Astley Park, Chorley

Couch to 5K graduating run in Astley Park, Chorley

The aim of the group was to get residents in Chorley off the couch and running regularly as part of a New Year challenge which kicked off in January.

All ages of joggers showed up donning training gear and carrying water bottles to put their best foot forward, putting their minds and bodies to the test.

Social running group, Chorley Runners which was formed by a previous group of Couch to 5K runners, helped Chorley Council to organise the programme.

It saw training sessions pitched at different levels of runners including a keep me going grogramme for those who wanted to maintain their running and a challenge 
me group for those who wanted to progress to achieve a 10k run. The running sessions are continuing, the next 5-10k progression run taking place on Wednesday at 6.30pm outside Sweatshop in Moss Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.