Joyce’s act of true kindness

Elaine Stringfellow, left and Joyce Dicker, and the donated scooter.
Elaine Stringfellow, left and Joyce Dicker, and the donated scooter.

“I can’t find the words to express how much I appreciate it.”

Theft victim Elaine Stringfellow wiped away a tear as she sat opposite Joyce Dicker and said a big thank you to the stranger she was meeting for the very first time.

For in a truly touching act of kindness, Joyce, 79, has donated her late husband’s mobility scooter to Elaine who had hers stolen from Chorley town centre.

Joyce’s husband Ken, 82, died of lung cancer. His funeral took place last Thursday.

The following day Elaine and Joyce met at the widow’s home in Haweswater Avenue, Chorley, and the pair chatted to each other before Elaine rode away on her new scooter as Joyce looked on.

Joyce had contacted the Guardian after reading of Elaine’s plight on the front page last week.

Elaine, who had her right leg amputated following an infection 12 years ago, had left her mobility scooter outside The George pub, St Thomas’s Road, where she had popped into to see her daughter who works there.

But when she came back, the scooter had disappeared, leaving 46-year-old Elaine, of Park Street, Chorley, without her lifeline.

Joyce said: “I was just sat there having a cup of tea. I was feeling so sorry for her.”

Retired driving instructor Ken bought the scooter after he was involved in a road accident in his car not far from his home.

“The scooter was just sat there in the garage,” said Joyce. “I said we’ll donate it to Elaine.”

Elaine, who arrived at Joyce’s with a bunch of flowers and a thank you card, said: “I can’t take the smile off my face, I’m so happy.

“I’m so grateful because it would have been a long time before I would have got a new one.”

Joyce added: “It gave me a lot of pleasure because I’m a giving person anyway.”

Elaine left on the scooter accompanied by her daughter.

Joyce waved goodbye to Elaine – and Ken’s scooter – and watched as she left, saying; “I just want to see her ride off on it.”

Police have CCTV footage of the callous thief who took Elaine’s £400 scooter.

The middle-aged man is seen starting it up and riding off on it.