Julie’s overwhelmed after car cash appeal

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A hard-up single mum was left staggered by the response to a call for help when her car packed up.

Julie Scrase was forced to swallow her pride and ask Facebook friends for a whip round.

In less than two days, more than £500 had been donated to her from just 17 people who do not want the money back.

Now Julie, 38, of Duxbury, Chorley, who does not work, has pledged to pay it all back to a town centre food bank.

Julie, who has a disabled daughter, explained; “My car died early December and as a single mum-of-three, I rely heavily on my wheels.

“Two of my children are at school six miles away and it’s been a struggle having no friends or family in the area to help.

“I hired a car at £140 a week until I was unable to do it any more.

“A good friend wrote a status for me asking if Facebook friends could donate £2 each I’d have £300 towards a cheap second-hand car.

“I was overwhelmed that in less than 48 hours, £504.78 had been gifted to me.

“I was very humbled and it was much appreciated.

“This total came from just 17 people, two of which I haven’t seen since leaving school and four Facebook friends who I have never actually met in person.”

Julie, who has now bought a new car with the cash, chose the Living Waters Church Storehouse Food Bank, which she discovered on Facebook, so she could repay the kindness shown to her.

“I was amazed when I emailed those 17 people and said, ‘I’ll pay you back every penny’ and all of them turned round and said, ‘it’s a gift’,” said Julie.

“I’m all about good karma - if you’re given something, it’s right you pay it forward.”

On Friday, she took £10 of groceries to the Bolton Street church, and says she will do this every Friday until all the cash is paid back.

Lancaster-born Julie, who has replaced her Renault Megane estate with a Peugeot 206, said: “Thousands of families in the Chorley borough are below the poverty line. This is my way of helping another fellow man through the help of my friends.”

Carol Halton, project manager at the food bank, said:“We are overwhelmed. She has thought of us to repay the kindness from her friends and it’s so good seeing people work together.

“We are helping as many people as we can here and for Julie to do likewise, it’s the community working together and that’s what we are about. So it just goes hand in hand with our vision for the Storehouse.”