Kate’s dramatic entrance with a £5,000 windfall

Kate Chapman
Kate Chapman
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A Chorley school is set to get a £5,000 windfall thanks to its newest member of staff.

Drama teacher Kate Chapman is due to start working at Holy Cross Catholic High School on September 1.

But she will miss the first two days in her new job after being asked to sing at a large charity festival in South


Kate, who used to perform in London’s West End, initially declined the invitation due to the clash of dates.

But organiser, South African entrepreneur Brian Joffe, then offered to donate £5,000 to the school for arts if she agreed to perform.

Kate, 31, said: “First of all it was a shock that he even asked me to perform. I said I couldn’t do it, but when he offered me the money, it was too good an opportunity to miss for Holy Cross.

“I emailed the headteacher, Ivan Gaughan, and he told me to go for it.

“Everything has been a shock and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind.”

Kate met Brian while on holiday on a cruise with her parents and they started


She mentioned her work in the West End and he later did some research and invited her to perform in his show. He holds a show every year in Johannesburg to raise money for charity Hospice, of which he is a patron.

It is watched by 1,300 people and involves many different acts, with illusionist David Blaine among those expected to perform this year.

Kate will leave her home in Euxton on Friday to fly to South Africa.

She has already done rehearsals online for her six songs and will meet the rest of the cast ahead of the show

She said: “I’m nervous but I think it’s good for me and good for the school to get the donation.”

Kate returns to the UK at 7.30am on September 3 - the day the school opens to pupils – and she has already booked a taxi to take her straight from Manchester Airport to her first lesson.