Keep your bins secure

Residents due to have their bins collected over the weekend and into next week are being urged to help out by keeping their waste stored as securely as possible.

Gale force winds are forecast over the weekend and Chorley Council is urging residents to do their bit to help prevent bins getting turned over and rubbish being blown about the streets.

Coun Eric Bell, who oversees waste collections for Chorley Council, said: "We had some strong winds on Thursday night that led to a few bins being blown about in residential streets.

"We know it's difficult to prevent this when the wind is so strong but I'd just ask people where possible for people to store their bins securely.

"It would also help if people could put their bins out in the morning rather than the night before and take them in as soon as they can after they have been emptied."

The gale force winds and wet weather are expected to last throughout the weekend with drier weather next week.

"The main concerns are with shredded paper and loose cardboard," explained Coun Bell.

"In weather like this we'd advise people to mix shredded paper with garden waste in the brown bin rather than placing it loose in the black pod.

"We'd also ask people not to leave loose cardboard out if it is likely to blow away and hold onto this for the next collection if possible."