Kids ‘risking lives to cross the road’

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A Chorley lollipop man claims children are having to risk their lives after a road was dug up for gas works.

Norman Moss has been a school crossing patrol manager at St Mary’s Primary School for seven years and has demanded action before a young child get hurts.

He claims the problem has been caused after Walgarth Drive, at the junction with Collingwood Road, was dug up for essential gas works. The pavement has been closed off to pedestrians for weeks now and Mr Moss said the children and their parents are having to walk into the busy road to get to the school.

He said: “Everytime they step out into that road they are putting their lives at risk. This is a busy stretch and the work is being done right on the corner.

“It would be OK if it had been finished quickly, but they have had some problems locating the gas pipes and so have moved on to other areas instead and have just left it. Being a crossing attendant is already a dangerous job, but this is making it even harder and my main concern is for the safety of the children and their mums and dads.”

Norman has called for immediate action to re-open the pavement to pedestrians and is being supported by ward councillor Ralph Snape. He said: “A whole stretch of Collingwood Road has been dug up for the work, but instead of finishing one section and then moving on, they are leaving and starting elsewhere.

“We have been told that they have had trouble locating the gas pipe and need to dig up Lindsay Drive before they can find it, but there’s still not been any progress and it’s dangerous/”

A spokesman for the North West Gas Alliance said that the company was busy replacing old gas mains and that the overall work was due to finish on August 1.

The spokesman said that the work outside St Mary’s Primary School formed part of a larger project that should be finished by that date.