Killer's sentencing delayed

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The devastated family of a popular Chorley mum face another agonising wait to hear the fate of a man convicted over her death.

It has now been 11 weeks since Debbie Ryan's former partner, Richard Ciborowski, pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Preston Crown Court.

Her family were furious after Crown Prosecution Service accepted his plea to the lesser offence after originally being charged with murder.

The 40-year-old grandmother died in hospital four days after collapsing in Tootle Street last April.

Now her family face another set-back after the killer's sentencing hearing on Monday was adjourned for the second time.

The 31-year-old will now re-appear at court next Wednesday, but Debbie's mother Linda Ryan said the repeated delays means their agony goes on.

She added: "The court case has been hanging over us like a black cloud and we can't properly grieve for Debbie until it is all over.

"Debbie's daughter can't even face to go to her own mum's grave because it is too upsetting for her and we hope that after the sentencing we will be able to deal with things better.

"It seems really unfair that it has been cancelled twice as it's not something you look forward to going through.

"We had been preparing ourselves for it all week and then we got a phone call on Friday night to say it was all off again.

"Members of our family had already taken time off work to support us and we were all shocked that it had been allowed to be put back again.

"We have been told it was because a different murder trial had over-run, but it seems unfair."

Ciborowski was set to be sentenced on December 21 after his case was adjourned in November to allow reports to be compiled.