Lancashire residents’ woes over landfill site

Views: Resident John Wilkinson has described the site as a 'blot' on the landscape
Views: Resident John Wilkinson has described the site as a 'blot' on the landscape

Residents and councillors are demanding answers about a landfill site dubbed an “eyesore.”

People living close to Clayton Hall Sand Quarry, in Clayton-le-Woods, claim it smells and attracts flies. They will hold a private meeting with representatives from Neales Waste Management, which runs the site, and the Environment Agency this week to have their say.

John Wilkinson, 51, of Spring Meadow, claims the site is a “blot on the landscape.” He believes the site has changed the type of material it receives in the past few years.

He said: “It’s the wrong place for it. It’s an eyesore. There are seagulls constantly flying overhead and it smells. The last two summers have been horrific.”

Coun Mick Muncaster, who will chair the meeting, said: “It has been called because there are numerous local residents who complained of problems of smells, flies and noise.

“As a local councillor, I thought it would be pertinent to try to get to the bottom of exactly why there are these problems.”

Stephen Wise, operations director for Neales Waste Management, said the site was “fully regulated” and was visited regularly by the Environment Agency.

He said there were no issues with flies and there had been no changes to the material taken to the site.

He said: “Where we have been depositing the waste on the site is now at its final height. We need to put waste in an area until it’s full.”

He said residents would see an improvement, as they would no longer be working in that area, and because more waste would now be put in a new recycling facility at the site instead of becoming landfill.