Landlord serves up Easter treats

Pub landlord, Ste Cranshaw, donated 50 Easter eggs
Pub landlord, Ste Cranshaw, donated 50 Easter eggs
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Generous donations of Easter treats have boosted supplies at Chorley’s food bank.

Landlord Ste Cranshaw, who runs the Red Herring pub in Coppull, bought 50 chocolate Easter eggs and took them along to Living Waters Storehouse, based at Living Waters Church, on Bolton Street.

He bought them using donations from his customers and money raised through football cards.

Ste regularly buys food for the Storehouse and also hands over money donated in collection tins at the pub.

He said: “I’m a working-class lad and I can remember my mother hitting hard times years ago. There were no food banks about then and my mother would have to go to my grandmother to borrow a few tins of food.

“We all hit hard times sometimes and we have to help when we can.”

Members of church congregations have been particularly generous supporters of the food bank and gave more money in the approach to Easter.

Lent lunches have been held at churches around Chorley, where people have eaten a simple lunch of soup and a roll.

Donations of between £80 and £100 were made at each lunch, with the majority of the money raised going to the Storehouse.

The food bank has also received a £500 grant from Chorley Community Housing.

It has been used to pay for extra shelving and provide meals for people in need.

As reported last week, demand for food parcels from the Storehouse has increased tenfold since it opened two years ago.

The organisation provides enough food for four days when someone in need is given a referral.

Donations can be made from 10am to 2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays at Living Waters Storehouse.