Lesson must be learned from Harry’s tragic death

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The parents of a 10-year-old asthma victim have vowed to campaign for better care for child sufferers by the National Health Service, after a coroner recorded a verdict of natural causes on their “perfect little boy”.

Harrison Cuming, known as Harry, died in an acute asthma attack at home in Croston two years ago despite the frantic attempts of his father and paramedics to save his life.

After a two-day inquest in Preston last week, parents Dwayne and Vicky pledged to pursue the local NHS Trust over failings in its care of Harry due to “ignorance” of the illness among clinicians.

“Children are still dying,” Dwayne said. “There is still an ignorance and there shouldn’t be any more.

“That’s what we are fighting, ignorance of asthma.

“Harry was an angel. He was a perfect little boy and he didn’t deserve to die.

“Because of his condition, he was a child who cared for everyone.

“He looked after everyone because he understood that life was precious.”

Two years after Harry’s death the couple, who have raised more than £40,000 for asthma research, are seeking legal advice over what they believe was a failure of the health service to treat the little boy properly.

After the inquest last week, deputy coroner Simon Jones ruled Harry had died from an acute asthma attack as a result of an anaphylactic


The inquest also heard of the frantic efforts of dad Dwayne to save him after he collapsed at home as the family prepared for a Saturday evening watching films.

The inquest heard Harry had had five life-threatening asthma attacks previously.

His parents, who now live in Leyland, claim doctors failed to listen to their concerns about his treatment in the months before his death.