‘Life’ ban for teacher

Teacher sent personal text messages to students
Teacher sent personal text messages to students

A teacher who had an “inappropriate” relationship with a teenager has been banned from the classroom.

Peter David Carmichael, who taught science at the same Central Lancashire school, has been told by the General Teaching Council that he can’t apply to have the indefinite ban lifted for at least 12 years - and then he will have to go through the education minister.

The GTCE found, in his absence, he behaved in an inappropriate way with a student or former student by engaging in sexualised activity with her, took her shopping and bought her alcohol.

He was found to have behaved in an “unprofessional and inappropriate manner” with other students and/or former students by sending them personal text messages, some containing sexual content, met them in a shop during the school day and also bought them alcohol in a pub.

The incidents took place over a year, between November 2008 and October 2009, and hearing chairman Luke Graham said there was a “significant risk of repeated behaviour”.

The hearing was told that one student had seen a naked photograph of one of the girls on Carmichael’s mobile phone when the three of them were in a pub.

The teacher was also seen kissing and holding hands with a student.

Police are taking no action “at this time”.