Life-saving dog is savaged in attack

PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS'Janice Parkin with her dog Charlie
PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS'Janice Parkin with her dog Charlie

A Chorley dog that was praised for saving its owner’s life has been savaged in a terrifying attack.

Janice Parkin claims that it is down to her beloved German Shepherd, Charlie that she is alive today.

The three-year-old was only a young puppy when she collapsed and fell unconscious, but he brought her back around by licking her face.

However, the tables have now been turned after Charlie was injured in a vicious attack on Thursday.

Janice, 53, was out walking with her ‘hero’ on the fields near her home in Draperfield, when a wandering pit bull-type dog pounced on him.

“The dog had hold of Charlie’s throat and wouldn’t let go,” she recalled. “I screamed, and all of my neighbours came running out to help.

“One man punched the dog in the face and it finally let go, but there was a huge gash near Charlie’s eye and it was bleeding a lot.

“I could hardly look, I was so upset.”

She added: “Everyone around here loves Charlie, and we all know he doesn’t have a vicious bone in his body.

“I can’t understand why this has happened.”

The German Shepherd was rushed to the vets and underwent an operation to treat his injuries.

He is now on painkillers, but is struggling to cope with a head cone the vets put on him, and Janice is having to spoon-feed him.

Janice suffers from a condition called Bell’s palsy, and when she became unconscious at her home in December 2009, worried Charlie managed to wake her up.

“He’s just so undeserving of this,” she said. “It makes the situation even worse.

“I’m sleeping on the living room floor with him because he can’t get upstairs, and he’s not used to being on his own. I feel like I’m repaying him for what he did for me, and showing him how grateful I am.

“He’s my love and my hero, and I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to him.

“He’s not like any other dog I know.”