Life-saving machine donated to football club

Donation: Charnock Richard Football Club and (inset) Simon Williams
Donation: Charnock Richard Football Club and (inset) Simon Williams
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A life-saving machine has been donated to a football club in memory of a late biker.

Motorcyclist Simon Williams, 45, from Chorley, died in a collision with an Audi A6 on Wigan Lane, on Saturday, April 12.

The funeral of Mr Williams was held two weeks ago and a considerable amount of donations were made to the late father.

The donations from his funeral have paid for a defibrillator which will be placed in a metal cabinet at Charnock Richard Football Club.

Cheryl Pickstock, niece of Simon, said: “Simon was from Charnock Richard and we wanted to highlight somewhere in the area that had a high footfall.

“We wanted to pick a sports club and Charnock Richard Football Club was perfect, it was personal to the family.”

Cheryl, who is also a paramedic, has arranged a date for the community to learn how to use the defibrillator.

She added: “The club are really pleased they now have a defibrillator, they’ve welcomed it with open arms.

“I think it’s massively important that clubs have a defibrillator.

“It increases the survival rate if one has to be used - the training date will be on Tuesday, June 24, at Charnock Richard Football Club and it will start at 7pm.”

Harold Heaton, chairman at Charnock Richard Football Club, said: “The defibrillator will be available to the community not just the football club.

“Everybody at Charnock Richard is grateful for the defibrillator.

“We all want to thank the Williams family in their need of time for their kind gesture.”