Litter louts target school’s car park

'Dump': Rubbish left outside Clayton-le-Woods Primary School
'Dump': Rubbish left outside Clayton-le-Woods Primary School
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A headteacher has hit out at flytippers who are using her school car park as a ‘dump’.

Clayton-le-Woods Primary School on Back Lane has been the scene of seven incidents of flytipping in recent years.

The latest incident was on Friday when a pile of wooden panels, plastic boxes, and even a Space Hopper were dumped in a car park outside the school.

Now headteacher Sue Pennington has blasted the culprits, saying enough is enough.

She said: “This is such a beautiful part of town and things like this just blight the whole area. These people don’t think about us.”

The pile of rubbish has now been cleared by officers at Chorley Council who are investigating links with similar incidents on Shady Lane.

Mrs Pennington said: “It is not very nice seeing things like this happen and I know it must be frustrating for the parents too.

“As well as being horrible to look at, it also takes up car parking spaces which are always at a premium at the school.

“There have been a few occasions where things like this have happened in the past but it usually gets cleared up by the council before we can report it.

“I suppose they target us here because it is quiet at night and when it’s dark no one is around to notice it.”

The area has not been highlighted as a hotspot for flytipping, but officers from the council now regularly visit as part of their duties.

Coun Eric Bell, who oversees the issue of fly-tipping for Chorley Council, said: “We do investigate all reports of fly-tipping and will prosecute whenever we can because the cost of dealing with fly-tipping in Chorley has to be met by council taxpayers and this money could be better spent improving services for residents.

“Fly-tipping can also pose a threat to human health and to wildlife, as well as spoil the look of an area, so we take it very seriously.”