Love and marriage starts in the classroom

Albany Science College's Community Wedding
Albany Science College's Community Wedding

DO you take this fellow high school student to be your wedded wife?

A little bit of love was all these year 10 students from Albany Science College needed when learning about the importance of getting wed.

Along with RE teacher Sue Lille and extended school manager Wendy Johnstone, they planned a whole Christian wedding ceremony as part of their RE GCSE syllabus.

It was designed to give the pupils a better understanding of what happens at a wedding ceremony, and what the purpose of everything is.

Sue said: “We’ve all had such a lovely time. It’s been a good learning experience and has allowed them to learn in a fun practical way that made religious traditions come to life.”

Members of the community were invited to attend the wedding and reception – raising a glass of fizzy pop at the school to the new bride and groom!

One of those present, Christine Shaw, said: “The Christian wedding was fantastic.

“The pupils really took their roles seriously and it was nice to see them all take so much pride in the way the rooms were decorated for the day, and its was nice to see lessons being taught in his way.”

After the success of the first wedding, the students and staff decided to host a second ceremony based on Jewish traditions.

Wendy said: “The pupils put so much time and effort into planning the two weddings. They researched both Jewish and Christian traditions they would have to respect if replicating a wedding ceremony.

“The weddings transformed the pupils RE lessons into a fun and practical experience.”

Jodie Doherty, who took the role of the Jewish bride, said: “It was so much fun being the bride for the wedding.

“There were things we learnt in lessons about Judaism, which seem more real now we have acted them out in the ceremony.

“It was so nice that people from the community got dressed up and came to the reception to celebrate – just like it was a real wedding.”