Man faces jail over crushing

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A Chorley man has been convicted of seriously injuring another man by reversing his car into him on his 21st birthday.

A jury at Liverpool Crown Court found Daniel Evans guilty of causing Dean Southworth grievous bodily harm with intent.

Evans, 20, of Southdowns Road, Chorley, who had admitted a lesser charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm, was remanded in custody to await sentence on May 23.

The jury heard that the victim, who had earlier been out celebrating his 21st birthday in Wigan, was crushed against a lamp post and garden wall. He suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis, a broken ankle and left thigh and a ruptured bladder. He was kept in hospital for two weeks.

Simon Driver, prosecuting, told the jury that the incident happened in the early hours of September 4 last year. Mr Southworth had been out celebrating his birthday, but ended up becoming separated from his friends.

He was approached by Evans and his friends to help them buy some cocaine and he agreed to do so as long as they took him to his own neighbourhood.

They drove him to his girlfriend’s home in Platt Bridge but she did not like their presence and told them to leave.

They accused Evans of stealing their £20 intended for cocaine but after she searched her boyfriend and did not find the money they were thrown out. Evans and Mr Southwood exchanged insults and threats before Evans got into his Vauxhall Astra and the threats continued, said Mr Driver.

Evans drove a short distance up Millers Lane towards Platt Bridge town centre pursued by Mr Southworth who struck out at the vehicle. The court heard that Evans stopped his car and reversed towards Mr Southworth who retreated. Evans drove forward again and Mr Southworth again ran after the car striking out at it.

“The defendant drove some distance up the street but stopped and again put it into reverse gear. This time, however, he reversed at speed and reversed into Dean Southworth. This time it mounted the kerb and collided with Dean Southworth, crushing him against a lamp post and garden wall.”

Evans sped off but was stopped by police about three hours later in Letchworth Drive, Chorley.

About an hour earlier Evans sent a Facebook message to a friend admitting he had run over a lad in Platt Bridge, said Mr Driver.