Man falls in quarry

Crews carry out rescue in Anglezarke Quarry in Chorley
Crews carry out rescue in Anglezarke Quarry in Chorley
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A rescue team was scrambled after a climber fell into a quarry in Chorley.

The 53-year-old man, believed to be from the Wigan area, was 10 metres up the side of Anglezarke Quarry in Rivington when his rock supports failed and he fell.

Teams from Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team, along with the North West Ambulance Service, were called to the scene on Monday evening.

The man had been knocked unconscious and when he came round he was complaining of pains in his back.

Ambulance crews treated the man while the mountain rescue team, involving 18 men, carried the stretcher out of the quarry to the ambulance.

A full body vacuum mattress was used to help crews bring the man up.

Casualty site manager Paul Durham said: “The full body mattress cocoons the casualty in a bag full of small polystyrene balls.

“When the air is drawn out of it, the vacuum created enables the balls to form to the exact shape of the person inside it, providing support and splintage.

“Because the body profile is completely formed it’s very comfortable and the casualty can remain in it comfortably for prolonged periods of


Once the man was out of the quarry, he was transferred to a stretcher and taken to Chorley and South Ribble District Hospital.

The rescue took around an hour and a half.