Marie in desperate hunt for her Pandora bracelet

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A distraught Chorley resident has issued a plea to the public to help her find a sentimental piece of jewellery.

Marie Morgan was out celebrating with friends after completing a 10k run in Lytham.

But hours later, the 39-year-old she was left with a bitter-sweet taste as she realised lost her valuable Pandora bracelet.

Marie suspects that she lost it in the town centre on Sunday evening.

She said: “I don’t think it came off in the pub.

“So it must have some how come loose and I think I’ve lost it in moving between Pearsons and the Prince of Wales.”

The mother-of-two says she has “been punching herself” as the bracelet means so much to her.

She said: “I’m mortified, as the bracelet has great sentimental value.

“I have charms from my daughter and work colleagues on it, so it would mean so much if it was to turn up.”

Marie has notified the police and has searched around the streets and all the pawn shops in hope of finding it.

A reward of £50 is also on offer and she hopes it will

turn up.

She added: “I haver my fingers and everything else crossed that it does turn up.

“I’m praying someone knows something.”

Call Marie on 07817 540723 if you have any information.