Market gazebos gets thumbs-up

New gazebos being trialled on Chorley's popular Flat Iron market are being welcomed by traders and shoppers alike.

Chorley Council is looking to revamp the historic Tuesday market to help improve it for both traders and shoppers and add to the vibrancy of the town centre.

Traders were given the opportunity to try out different types and makes of gazebo and their preferred option has now been unveiled to the public for their views.

Coun Peter Malpas who oversees town centre improvements for the Council said: "The traders really liked the idea of the new gazebos and chose a particular style. This was put on display at the market for shoppers to give their opinion on and it has been given an overwhelming 'thumbs up'"

Now the scheme is set to go ahead with phase one starting in summer and will see around 40 colourful 6 metre x 3 metre gazebos covering the stalls round the outside of the market.

A second phase, bringing another 40 or so gazebos for the inner stalls on the market, would follow later in the year if the first phase proves successful.

Chorley resident Russell Wilkins visits the markets regularly and was very impressed with the new gazebos.

He said: "I think they are a brilliant idea. It will look like a continental market and I think it will attract more people on to the market. The gazebos will also be better suited to deal with the weather conditions."

Coun Malpas added: "The idea of the bringing the gazebos to the Flat Iron is to add to the vibrancy of the town centre and bring our popular historic market bang up to date, make it more functional for traders and make it an attractive place to shop.

"The focus on the Flat Iron follows the recent revamp of the Covered Market which has seen the stall take up rate rise. We hope the gazebos will attract new stall holders and bring in new shoppers. If any stall holder would like to be part of the market they should contact us on 01257 515151 or visit"