Medal mystery is partially solved

Margaret Stewart with a medal found at Christ Church, Charnock Richard
Margaret Stewart with a medal found at Christ Church, Charnock Richard
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A military medal mystery has been partially solved.

The medal - a miniature replica Victoria Cross - was found pinned to the door of Christ Church, Charnock Richard.

No message, or contact details of the person who put it there had been left.

Parish administrator Margaret Stewart contacted the Guardian to see if we could help solve the mystery and we ran a story last week.

Now Dorothy Miller, of Old Dawbers Lane, Euxton, has come forward, revealing that she was the person who found the medal and pinned it to the church door.

Dorothy, 59, explained that she was out walking with her husband Dougie, 57, one Sunday when she spotted the medal in the gutter.

“We were going to the shop on Church Lane and I just looked down as we got outside the church,” she said.

“The thing I noticed was the ribbon - it was a pink, purply colour. I saw a medal, rubbed it and put it in my pocket.

“On my way back I started to unravel the ribbon.

“As we came to the church I said to Dougie, ‘right, I’ll tie it to the church door’.

“I just wound it round the handle, tight. Somebody coming to the church on a Monday morning would find it.”

Dorothy thinks it might belong to an elderly person who had been attending the church for a funeral or commemorative service.

She said she thinks it could have come off somebody’s clothing as they got out of a vehicle to go into the church.

“It was on the gutter side as if somebody had come out of a car, maybe an elderly person struggling,” said Dorothy.

Margaret said: “At least we’ve found out why it was there.

“If it was found outside the church gate, it could be somebody coming to a grave.

“A lot of people come to tend the graves in the churchyard, it could be something like that.”