More problems for Chorley village

Kath Almond
Kath Almond
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Residents in a Chorley village have been dealt a triple blow after problems with flooding, roadworks, and phone lines hit them in just one week.

Croston residents are still coming to terms with serious flooding problems following torrential rain a fortnight ago.

On top of that, they are having to cope with Lancashire County Council bridgeworks, which business people and residents fear is cutting the village off from the outside.

In the latest blow, O2 network users have been unable to use their phones for more than a week.

Croston was among the worst hit areas of Lancashire as the swollen River Yarrow flooded properties and around 50 homes and businesses were flooded with hundreds of sandbags were distributed to householders. Police were also forced to shut Town Lane.

Meanwhile, pub landlords feared for their businesses as a result of the £750,000 repair scheme to both Great Hanging Bridge and Little Hanging (Isle of Man) Bridge.

Stuart Stevenson, landlord of The Grapes Hotel, Town Road, said: “We’re having everything against us at once.

“I think from a business point of view we are getting hit from both sides.

“The weather doesn’t help and the roadworks and diversions don’t help.

“It doesn’t put you in a positive frame of mind. But you just have to get on with it.”

Mr Stevenson said regulars in his pub had been talking about the phones.

“Lots of people, lots of regulars were moaning it is completely gone (the signal),” he said.

Croston parish councillor Kath Almond said: “It’s our walking day on Saturday so hopefully it’s going to be nice.

“The last time we were rained off was 1963.”

Lancashire County Council has set up diversion routes for motorists but traders say they are furious that work was scheduled to take place in the busy summer months.

She said: “It is affecting businesses.

“It’s quite quiet with the heavy traffic not going through and it’s going to be for quite a long time.”

The Environment Agency has warned there could be a risk of further flooding from rivers and surface water during today and Saturday.