Motorbike club demo day called off by council

The protestors at Denham Quarry, Brindle
The protestors at Denham Quarry, Brindle

A motorbike club’s demonstration was cancelled at the weekend following an outcry from protestors.

Chorley Motorcycle Trials Club had wanted to win over residents objecting to its proposed use of a local beauty spot.

The club had approached Chorley Council for permission to use Denham Quarry, Brindle.

The council organised the demonstration day on Saturday, but council leader Alistair Bradley stepped in last week and stopped it going ahead.

A letter from him has gone out to nearby residents and objectors saying: “I am now of the opinion that further work is required to fully understand the impact any proposal to use the quarry for trial biking would have on the environment, wildlife and users of the quarry.”

He added that he wanted “time to consider all the options available for dealing with the demand for trial biking across the borough.”

The club is disappointed the demonstration was scrapped and has rejected a number of claims made against it by Brindle Parish Council.

Joe Holden, of the club, said: “We have never wanted to use Denham Quarry on a permanent basis, or even requested this,

“Our proposal is for only 14 half days in any 12-month calendar period and was for a trial period of 12 months, so the quarry would have no motorcycling for 351 days per year.

“And the quarry is not a great, informal country park as suggested.

“It is not maintained, but overgrown with many invasive weeds and is a very dangerous and unmanaged area for visitors at present.

“While the trials club says 400 people could attend their events, we have never said this.

“The actual number proposed is a maximum of 10 riders on the quarry and a few marshals.

“And the existing climbers make full use of the quarry face, including the area proposed for trial biking.

“Contrary to reports, we don’t propose to use the quarry face at all.

“The area we want to use is also not used by climbers.

“It has also been said the proposal would damage paths etc.

“As we stated previously, we believe the area is not maintained due to the invasive knotweed and gorse being allowed to take over the area.

“We would like to improve the area for all users and would help to maintain the site and manage the area.

“We can work with other users of the quarry to improve the area.”