Motorbike club quarry move is challenged

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Protestors are determined to put the brakes on plans for a motorcycle area in their village.

Chorley Motorcycle Trials Club wants to permanently use Denham Quarry in

The protestors at Denham Quarry, Brindle

The protestors at Denham Quarry, Brindle

Chorley Council is considering the request – initially for a 12-month period – and has arranged for the club to have a demonstration day for 

However, the move has caused upset. Brindle Parish Council is strongly opposed to the idea at an area its chairman Darren Cranshaw describes as a “great informal country park and recreation area that local people enjoy today”.

Mr Cranshaw has written the leader of Chorley Council, Alistair Bradley, complaining that the parish council had not been consulted upon properly about this fresh approach by the club – when was made five years ago and rejected – which “has caused a great deal of unnecessary upset, concern and worry to

Mr Cranshaw sets out claims Denham Quarry is completely unsuitable for a number of reasons, including:

• Holt Lane is a narrow single-file country lane where it is impossible for vehicles to pass each other.

• There would be increased traffic on this already busy lane, which would be dangerous and have an adverse impact on pedestrians and residents.

• The trial bikes would need to be transported there with trailers and the numbers estimated by Chorley Borough Council are significant, while the trials club says that up 400 people could attend their events.

• Denham Quarry has extremely limited car parking for just six cars, which are already completely full at weekends with quarry users and visitors.

• The existing climbers make use of the full range of the quarry face, including the proposed area for the motorcycle trialling, which would have an adverse impact on existing

• The proposed use and area identified would damage paths, landscaping and other works previously undertaken by Groundwork, Chorley Council, the parish council, United Utilities etc.

• Access to part of the quarry would restrict residents and visitors wishing to walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and tranquillity of the quarry.

• Residents in the Brindle Parish Plan like the quarry and wanted it to be preserved as the ‘local beauty spot and lovely informal recreation area we have today, that both the borough council and parish council together with stakeholders can be proud of.’

• The conveyance from when Denham Quarry was gifted for the benefit of the people of Brindle has a clause precluding such use.

Mr Cranshaw added: “We are very surprised Lancashire County Council has not been consulted because of the significant road safety problems, Lancashire Police because of the potential adverse section 17 crime and disorder issues, Safer Chorley & South Ribble Partnership because of the potential additional anti-social behaviour issues and Natural England because of the impact it will have on the natural environment etc.”

The demonstration day will take place this Saturday, between 11am and 3pm.

The council says it welcomes comments from then until 5pm on Monday, October 21.