MP makes case for air strikes in Syria

Seema Kennedy backing PM David Cameron over air strikes in Syria
Seema Kennedy backing PM David Cameron over air strikes in Syria
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A Lancashire MP has backed the call for UK air strikes in Syria to destroy the military capability of “sadistic death cult” ISIL.

Seema Kennnedy, Conservative member for South Ribble, issued a statement ahead of today’s crucial Commons vote saying military action in Syria was the only to stop the group which murdered 130 people in Paris three weeks ago.

In it she backed Prime Minister David Cameron and said so-called Islamic State was a real security threat to the UK as well as other counties across Europe.

“ISIL has already been responsible for the deaths of over 30 British citizens and have made repeated threats against the United Kingdon,” she said.

“Furthermore the intelligence and security services have prevented seven attacks against the United Kingdom, all of which were linked to or inspired by ISIL.

“The Government has a responsibility to keep us safe and to take decisions, which are often difficult, to ennsure the security of the country.

“ISIL is a sadistic death cult which wants to expand its barbaric acts into Europe. It has considerable military capability which can only be degraded and ultimately destroyed by using military force.”

Meanwhile Chorley’s Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle, who as deputy speaker is not allowed to vote on the issue tonight, admitted he was opposed to immediate air strikes in Syria.

He said: “Without a diplomatic initiative to build a larger coalition of regional and Arab powers, prepared to use their ground troops, I fear that Britain could be drawn into a protracted militarily conflict.

“Any action taken must be in our own national interests. Therefore, as it stands, I do not believe the case for urgent and immediate UK military involvement in airstrikes has been made.”

MPs are spending more than 10 hours debating air strikes today. A vote is expected late tonight, with David Cameron’s case for bombing expected to win the day.