Mum’s battle to save lives

Dylan Ramsay, who died while swimming in a quarry at Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley. He is holding his nephew.
Dylan Ramsay, who died while swimming in a quarry at Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley. He is holding his nephew.
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A heartbroken mum whose son died in an abandoned Chorley quarry is now battling to save other children from tragedy.

Beckie Ramsay lost her firstborn son, 13-year-old Dylan, when an innocent swimming trip turned to horror at Whittle Hill Quarry last year.

Dylan, a Year 8 pupil at Parklands High School, was having a fun day with his friend Kriss Sawyer, 19, when he decided to go and cool off from the sun.

But despite being a capable swimmer and a talented athlete, Dylan was just not strong enough to save himself once he was in the water – a message that Beckie wants to take to all Chorley’s children.

Now, with the support of the Chorley Guardian, Beckie has launched the ‘Doing it for Dylan’ campaign to promote the importance of water safety.

Beckie, from Church Hill, told the Guardian: “Dylan was a big, strong, lad, and if it can happen to him, it can happen to anybody.

“I looked at the parents of Stephen Lawrence and Sarah Payne, and I saw the things they were doing, and I felt inspired. I thought, if these people can do it, so can I.

“I have rung up schools and 15 from the Chorley/Leyland area have said they want me to go in.

“Some schools want me to go in every day for a week to teach all years, and some just want an assembly.

“I have had a positive response so far.

“I want to do something so that others have the best possible chance of survival.”

Just a week before his death on July 3, 2011, Beckie recalled how Dylan had met records for the ‘Biggest Dive’, while visiting Lake Windermere.

He also represented Parklands at a Robin Park competition and proudly told of how he had won ‘Athlete of the Year’ during a school ceremony.

Beckie, who is mum to Stephen, 11, Josh, 10, and Annie, 5, is keen to start her venture after the Easter holidays are over.

During her visits, Beckie will be hosting a Powerpoint presentation, which will include risks, safety tips and a poignant song that Dylan’s friend is currently writing.

While the pain doesn’t get easier, Beckie says it is thanks to her family and friends that she is able to pursue the campaign and transform her ideas into actions.

To get involved in the campaign, or to express concern over the suitability of areas for swimming, get in touch with Beckie by e-mailing her at

To show your support on Twitter follow @missmybabyboy and get #DoingitforDylan trending, and to make a donation visit

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