Mum’s tribute to little Harry

Harry Corning, 10, who died of asthma attack in 2011, from Chorley
Harry Corning, 10, who died of asthma attack in 2011, from Chorley
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A mother has spoken out following the tragic death of her young son from an asthma attack.

Vicky Cuming paid tribute to Harry, who was aged just 10 when he died in October last year, to encourage people to support a sponsored cycle ride to be held in his memory.

Three local men have organised the bike ride to raise money for Asthma UK, cycling 235 miles over two days on May 26, visiting every fire station across Lancashire.

Vicky, from Croston, said: “I want to do it so nobody goes through what we have gone through. As a mother who’s lost a child, I think whatever we do now it isn’t going to bring back my Harry.

Vicky spoke of her cherished memories: “Harry lived a perfect life; it was amazing how he dealt with going to hospital all the time.

“He loved football, he was absolutely enamoured with Man Utd. as every little boy is.

“It must have only been when he was two or three, we were sat there in the hospital ward, he had a nebuliser on, and he was just singing Puff the Magic Dragon,”

Vicky recently watched friends of hers complete the London Marathon, raising money for the same cause.

She said: “A condition like asthma is a killer, and it sounds daft, but everybody’s trying to raise so much awareness about breast cancer and so on, yet in the same respect, asthma is just as bad.”

“I never got used to the calls with someone saying ‘Harry’s been ill again I think he might need to go to hospital’, and it became, not the norm, but you always knew that when he went to hospital he would have his medication and he’d be fine again.

“His school always looked after him, always ringing me up whenever he had to have his medication.

“But that night I got the phone call saying that it wasn’t looking good, and they told me I needed to get home. I actually got the phone call on the train. They told me he’d died.”

Paul Andrew Bibby, 38 and James Smith, 36 who both work at Chorley fire station, are organising the cycle event with Nathan Robertson, who works in insurance.

James said: “I got talking in work one night with my colleagues and I asked Paul. He said yes straight away.”

They will start in Silverdale and travel through all 39 stations, ending in Chorley station on May 27.

Halfords have supplied the men with bikes, and Leyland Van Hire has provided a van for support.

Vicky hopes to use the money to help nurses visit local schools and talk to children, (and in particular their parents) about knowledge, she believes, was invaluable to them as parents.

She said: “I want to raise as much money as I possibly can, to put in to Harry’s tribute page on the Asthma UK website, you know so his name has a really good influence.

“Harry’s got a three-year-old brother who misses him every day. He seems completely healthy which is a relief.”

An inquest in to Harry’s death has been adjourned due to a lack of evidence, and Vicky and Dwayne are awaiting a date for it.

She said: “They have confirmed that it was asthma. “I mean he was actually in hospital the week before, so we just really don’t know.”

A total of 6750 people have asthma in Chorley alone. To donate to Harry’s fund for Asthma UK visit: and type in ‘Harry Cuming’.