Mum scalded as machine explodes

Sarah Crawshaw from Buckshaw Village was burnt by her Cappuccino machine
Sarah Crawshaw from Buckshaw Village was burnt by her Cappuccino machine
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A mother-of-three suffered severe burns to her hand when her cappuccino machine exploded.

Sarah Crawshaw, 32, was rushed to Royal Preston Hospital in an ambulance after the machine - manufactured by Breville - scalded her as she prepared coffee for herself and her partner, Michael.

The mum, who lives in Mayflower Crescent, Buckshaw Village, says she is now terrified of using the oven or kettle after her ordeal.

The manufacturer has now taken the machine for inspection to try to identify what caused Sarah’s accident. Sarah said: “I followed all the right procedures to use the machine. I just went to turn the lid on the top but it was a bit stuck. When I tried again it exploded in my hand with a cloud of steam.

“My partner was there - it was like an explosion, a big bang, and I flew back.

“It burnt all my hand and my chest - I was quite a mess. My hand was three times it’s normal size and I had to have my engagement ring cut off.

“The explosion was so big and so loud we were all in shock. Two of my children were there at the time and they were terrified.

“I can’t use my hand, which is difficult as I live here with my children. My oldest son is having to put things in and out of the oven.”

Sarah does not yet know if she will be left with permanent scars.

However she is still receiving treatment with a nurse visiting her at home to change her dressings.

A spokesman for Breville says the company has collected the cappuccino maker - which Sarah has owned for 10 months - and is inspecting it for faults.

He said: “While we of course always regret any harm caused to one of our product owners, we would like to politely decline to comment further until we have checked out the product for potential faults.”