Mystery medal left on church door

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A village church is trying to reunite a mystery military medal with its owner.

The medal – a miniature replica Victoria Cross – was left tied to the door of Christ Church, Charnock Richard.

Church bosses haven’t ruled out the theory that it was left by someone who should not have had it in the first place and whose conscience has forced them to hand it back.

Parish administrator Margaret Stewart explained: “A colleague of mine went to open up the church one morning and fastened to the church door was this medal.

“The ribbon of the medal was tied to the church door handle.

“It’s a miniature medal.

“One of the members of the congregation who served in the war said it would be very precious to someone.”

Margaret runs the family business, Stewart M C & M A Haulage Ltd, Preston Road, Coppull and her husband Malcolm is a church warden at the church.

The medal was discovered by the other church warden Jacqui Worthington.

Margaret added: “We’re trying to find the rightful owner. We don’t know how it came to be left on the door.

“It was a few weeks since it was left on the door. Was it a conscience thing? It wasn’t theirs so maybe they put it on the door to find the rightful owner?

“Has it been stolen, or lost? We just don’t know.

“I’ve reported it to the police. They’ve not had anything reported missing, but it could have been missing for years.

“If somebody did come forward we would check them out and not just hand it over because we want it to go to the family it belongs to.

“It will be sentimental value.

The medal, which is tied to a coloured ribbon, has no identification marks on it.”

Chorley historian Steve Williams, co-founder and secretary of the Chorley Pals Memorial since 2007 and chairman of Chorley in The Great War, said; “If it’s a small replica it’s worth about £8 – I know as we have one in the Chorley Remembers exhibition.

“I’m puzzled why Christ Church at Charnock has been chosen because there’s no local connection to any VC winners.

“I think it’s just been found and pinned there.”

As regards the Great War, he added: “If anyone has any First World War artefacts with a local connection they are welcome to donate it to us for our project, and especially if there’s a provenance with it.”

Anyone wanting to make donation can ring 0845 4671916.