New book shames Chorley

The Mayor of Chorley Coun John Walker at the Welcome to Chorley sign on A6 Bolton Street
The Mayor of Chorley Coun John Walker at the Welcome to Chorley sign on A6 Bolton Street
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What a load of nonsense!

That’s Chorley’s response to the news the town could be featured as a one of the worst places to live in

Britain in a new book.

Ten years after the first Cr*p Towns edition outraged and amused a nation, the book’s co-editor Sam Jordison has released a new long-list of 100 towns branded ‘cr*p’ – and Chorley joins Liverpool, Blackburn, Blackpool and Bacup on the roll of dishonour.

Cr*p Towns Returns will be published on Thursday, October 10, containing the final list of 50.

Coun Alistair Bradley, Chorley Council leader, said: “We’re in good company with Southport, Stratford-on-Avon, Chipping Norton - they are all fantastic places.

“I think we must have been put forward by jealous residents of other towns!

“Seriously though, our most recent survey of residents certainly doesn’t back up the claim the town should be included in this book.

“I would like to extend an invitation to the compliers of this book, to come and visit Chorley and see for themselves that Chorley is in fact a cracking town to visit, work in and live in.”

Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle stormed: “How dare they call Chorley cr*p, I’m still outraged. I can’t think of anywhere better than Chorley to live work and play.

“It sounds like the author of this book and Lord Hewell should visit Chorley and Lancashire to see what we have to offer. Given the book also names York, Chipping Norton and Woodstock I think we’re in good company.”

The authors say nominations have been made by members of the public via Twitter, Facebook and the website and include everything from grinding poverty to unbearable snobbery.

They say the survey is ‘proudly unscientific’, and based on emotion, as much as all the usual crime statistics, house prices, local facilities, transport and schools.