New dementia home has a thoroughly modern take

Photo Neil Cross'Nicolla Bishop at Coniston House, a new care home for people with dementia
Photo Neil Cross'Nicolla Bishop at Coniston House, a new care home for people with dementia
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A Chorley woman will show off her bold new vision of dementia care to the public.

Coniston House, on Coniston Road, has been transformed from a derelict former council care home into an independent residential home full of unusual, modern ideas.

The new facility will host two open days for people to come and see the home’s innovations for themselves on May 28 and June 4.

Coniston House, which will have 43 residents, has a shed for residents to enjoy the garden and listen to the radio, and a planetarium for physical activities including building robots, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Manager Nicolla Bishop, 28, said: “Men, in particular, like to be doing things and working with their hands. They are often bored by the activities offered in care homes.”

The new home is owned by Rochecare, which already owns residential homes in Burnley and Oldham.

Nicolla is using decor and layout to help Coniston House throw off some of the negative views people have about care homes. Each room has its own colour scheme and bespoke decor, and the rooms have been painted in a way that will help residents to remember which room is which and encourages personal touches.

She said: “The house has a fresh, modern feel. I think it’s important that it looks homely and fashionable.

“Each room is a different size and shape, and we are using dementia signage, which is a best practice in dementia care.

“Each room has a picture of a bed and a space for people to write their own name or put a picture up, which aids recognition.”

Nicolla is also keen to be as green as possible, using solar panels and energy-saving lightbulbs, and hopes to start an allotment.

Nicolla said: “Unlike a lot of care homes, it’s not secluded at all and we want to be part of the community.

It is hoped the home, which currently has about five people on its waiting list, will open on June 1.

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