New micro pub launch is put on ice by planning issue

The Cock T'Alehouse on The Green in Eccleston, which is set to open as a new micro pub
The Cock T'Alehouse on The Green in Eccleston, which is set to open as a new micro pub
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Owners of a new village micro pub have had to put the champagne back on ice.

For the business venture fell foul of planning regulations and an official opening was called off at the last minute.

The Cockt’ale was due to be launched on The Green, Eccleston, by Ruth Hull, 59, and her husband Richard, 61, on Thursday.

But Chorley Council stepped in and warned the owners of the former fruit and veg shop of the consequences of opening.

Ruth said she was left with no alternative but to call off the launch.

Ruth, who also runs the Victoria pub in Aspull, Wigan - the area’s CAMRA pub of the season for summer 2013 and autumn 2014 - said: “I was told when I was given my licence, there you go, you can open tomorrow and change of use to A4 will be granted retrospectively.

“I’ve never done this kind of thing before. Whatever I’ve done was in total innocence - and not arrogance.”

She added: “Thank goodness we have another pub. What on earth would have happened to all that beer? I’m talking about £2,000 worth of beer.”

Councillors received complaints from villagers about parking issues at the pub.

But Ruth said: “Local people aren’t going to be driving to the pub, they’re going to be walking. It would be different if we were an eating pub, but we’re a drinking pub.”

Coun Paul Walmsley, who oversees planning issues for the council, said: “All the licences are in place, but they don’t have planning permission to change the use of the premises to a bar. An application has been submitted to us and is due to be considered at the next development control meeting on October 27.”