New plans for murder ‘house of horrors’

Park House in Broughton
Park House in Broughton
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The scene of one of Lancashire’s most horrific murders could be turned into a mini housing development.

An outline planning application has been approved to build four detached homes and a block of eight luxury apartments on the site of Park House in Broughton where Judge William Openshaw was brutally killed in 1981 by a convict with a grudge.

Judge William Openshaw

Judge William Openshaw

The plans are the latest for the property on Garstang Road which was demolished in 2014 with the intention of rebuilding it in another area of the extensive gardens.

The shell of that new building will now be converted to accommodate eight apartments for occupation by people over the age of 55. A line of four new detached homes will also be constructed along the south edge of the existing driveway.

Preston Council has granted permission, subject to 12 conditions. Officers say two letters of objection were submittted with concerns over the safety of trees on the boundary of the site and also the suitability of the access road onto the site.

A report to the planning committee said the objections had been considered, but the development would not have any adverse impacts on highway safety, ecology, protected trees, flood risk or drainage.

If the re-development gets full approval at a later date then the applicant will be asked to make a contribution towards five primary school places in the area at a cost of £71,000.