New rugby clubhouse and fifty homes plan for village

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AMBITIOUS plans to transform one of Chorley’s sporting clubs have been revealed.

A new clubhouse is one of the features of a development at Chorley RUFC on Chancery Road, at Euxton, along with a 4G multi-purpose factility.

The scheme has been submitted by Persimmon Homes and apart from the sporting changes, there are plans for 50 homes on site.

David Mangnall, of nearby Mimosa Close, believes neighbours are worried about the proposals.

He said: “I have not seen the plans but I know that lots of people are against homes being built in Euxton.

“Euxton is quite a rural setting but in the past 10 to 15 years the area has changed a lot.

“With Buckshaw Village on our doorstep, surely there is no need to put more homes in this area, never mind on the rugby site.

“I know that targets have to be met for homes and employment why don’t they do it in other areas.

“I can see why they want to build here because it is so close to the M6 and M61.”

Another resident of Mimosa Close, Joan Hawkes, said: “I objected to an incinerator when I lived in Bedfordshire but it was agreed.

“I think that houses being
built - compared to incinerators which affect people’s health - is small fry.

“There have to be concrete reasons for it not being approved such as a species rare frog on the site that needs to be protected.

“But as far as I am aware that is not the case and I think it will be approved.”

Coun Mark Perks, who represents the Euxton ward, said: “I am clearly disappointed that the planning application has been put in before the inspector has held the meeting to discuss the local plan.

“The plan is using open space and I am just waiting to see if people have concerns before I speak on their behalf.

“The plans show that the rugby club is going to have a new facility to invest in.

“However, with regards to the 4G pitch, I hope that it is not only for the club’s use but also for the community.”