Nick's charity swim to raise awareness and funds for Diabetes UK

A Clayton-Le-Woods man, who shed more than 100lbs after a health scare forced him to transform his lifestyle, is to take on a charity swimming challenge.

Monday, 6th February 2017, 2:05 pm
Updated Monday, 6th February 2017, 3:11 pm
Nick Else, 31, from Clayton-le-Woods is taking part in the Diabetes UKs Swim22 challenge

Web designer Nick Else was warned by his doctors last year he was at high risk of heart disease and developing Type 2 diabetes.

The health warning forced the 31-year-old to dramatically change his lifestyle and he had set himself on a 12 month weight loss programme.

Now Nick has signed up for the Diabetes UK’s Swim22 challenge and will swim 22 miles – the equivalent of swimming the English Channel – to raise funds for the charity. It will be his second swim for the cause.

Nick has lost more than 100lbs in the last 12 months

Nick said: “After turning 30 last year, I decided to make lifestyle changes as I had been told that I was at ‘high risk’ of heart disease and developing Type 2 diabetes. “After reaching the 300lb mark and many years of not being happy with my weight, I put a plan in place to see if I could lose 100lbs within the year.

“At first at thought it was unachievable but I wanted to set myself a goal. This is where Diabetes UK’s Swim 22 played a huge part. I signed up to the challenge and having something to work towards really helped shape the first few months of my journey.

“I also managed to raise over £500. This is why I want to take part again, to keep up the momentum, to stay active and to help support the work of the charity.”

Nick will be completing the challenge, which will take place between 22 February and 22 May 2017, at his local gym, Action Nation Chorley.

Nick has lost more than 100lbs in the last 12 months

Nick, who has now lost 119lbs, added: “Whilst I’m super proud of achieving the weight loss, the health benefits have been crazy. At my last physical in December I was told I was no longer at high risk of heart disease or Type 2 diabetes.”

Maria Whittaker, Diabetes UK Fundraising Manager, said: “We are delighted that Nick will be diving into the pool and making a splash for Diabetes UK for the second year running, and look forward to following his progress throughout the challenge.

“We hope his commitment will inspire others in the Chorley area to take on this challenge for Diabetes UK. The three-month time frame means that whatever your fitness level there’s plenty of time to get in the pool , and you can even split the distance with teammates if that feels more manageable.”

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