Noisy builders piling on resident’s misery

PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS.'Unhappy Kirkstall Close residents, from left, Clarice Whittle, Hilda Ashurst, Peter Molloy and Christine May
PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS.'Unhappy Kirkstall Close residents, from left, Clarice Whittle, Hilda Ashurst, Peter Molloy and Christine May

The mother of a wheelchair-bound Chorley teen says developers carrying out work near her home are creating tremors similar to an earthquake.

Christine May, of Kirkstall Road, off Carr Lane, is mum to 18-year-old Laura May, who was left paralysed following spinal surgery at Royal Preston Hospital seven years ago.

Christine says work at a nearby housing development is making their lives a misery - making crockery and ornamnets shake and meaning Laura struggles to get balance.

Christine said: “They are putting these piles in the ground.

“They are banging that much that when you are in the house, your ornaments, crockery, wardrobe doors, and radiators rattle.

“Like in Japan, with these earthquakes, people don’t stay inside –they run out, and when this noise starts off, that’s what you want to do.

“Even the dog when it hears this noise runs out.

“Last Wednesday it was at its worse, especially for the rest of the street to come out and wonder what’s going on – people came out of their houses.

“It’s like a tremor.

“Upstairs it is terrible.

“My daughter is paralysed from the chest down when she’s came to sit up in bed to sit on her chair, she had to wait for this noise to stop to get her balance.”

She added: “We are in a cul-de-sac and the house across is a bungalow.

“The neighbour there was in the kitchen and heard a chatter and when she opened her oven door it was the shelves shaking inside – and that’s some distance away.

“The lady next door has got a valuable clock that’s never stopped and it stopped when they were doing this work.”

She said: “It started Tuesday, but Wednesday morning it was really bad.

“We don’t know what our foundations are like.

“When they came to build nobody came to check our buildings or whatever.

“How secure are our buildings? We don’t want a big hefty bill to pay out on structural damage.”

“It’s all right once they have put these things in.

“You can’t all disappear for a day trip to Blackpool on a coach while they do the work.”

Christine lives in the detached house with her husband Bill, 58, who works as a gardener and daughter Laura, and their pet dog Angus.

She also complained that nearby trees were overgrown and needed to be cut down, too.

A Redrow spokesman said: “We apologise for any disruption caused to nearby residents during recent piling works carried out at our Sandhurst Gardens development in Pilling Lane, Chorley.

“Noise and vibrations caused by such works are monitored by our contractors to ensure they work within set tolerances.”

The spokesman added: “Trees between our development and the existing houses are covered by Tree Preservation Orders, and as such we require approval from Chorley Council before carrying out any works.”