Nostalgia: Boys will be boys in the St James Church Lads Brigade club in Leyland

Attending church was a cool social activity back in the 1950s.

Monday, 6th August 2018, 10:52 am
Updated Monday, 6th August 2018, 12:08 pm
St James Church Lads Brigade Leyland, circa 1954. Peter Balden is back row, second in from left back row, David Balden is second from right on second row.

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Brothers Peter and David Balden, who lived in Golden Hill Lane, Leyland, were proud members of St James Church Lads Brigade and had years of fun.

David, a father-of-two with four grandchildren, says: “We were both members of the church choir, Sunday School, and youth club, as in those days the church was for us our social activity.

“We attended church twice daily on Sunday and Sunday school in the afternoon each week. We would attend choir practice every Friday evening.

“We are not sure how often the Church Lads Brigade (CLB) met but I guess it was one night each week.

“Our reason for joining were just that we were encouraged to get involved along with others.

“Peter told me he had fond memories of a trip to the Isle of Man.

“Activity would involve games such as table tennis, football, badminton, and these would follow a military-style line-up in the St James School room.

“The CLB would march on special occasions.

“St James CLB was then amalgamated with Chorley CLB. We did not have full uniform, mainly a hat and a sash, possibly due to funds.”

After leaving the brigade, David has led a busy career. He was in the Royal Navy for nine yeas as a chef and has also been a plumber a store man at Leyland Motors, and ran his own business in catering hygiene.

The picture shows St James Church Lads Brigade Leyland, around 1954. Peter Balden, now 79, is back row, second in from left and David Balden, now 75, is second from right on the second row.