Nowhere for our customers to park

Adam, Denise Carrington, Debbie Sanderson and Wendy Holden.
Adam, Denise Carrington, Debbie Sanderson and Wendy Holden.
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Shopkeepers have claimed workmen at the new town centre Asda site are putting their businesses in jeopardy.

Members of the business community on Bolton Street say they have lost customers and takings as a result of contractors working on the store - plus associated roadworks - parking where they want unpunished.

Denise Carrington, 49, who runs the Sunsalon, Bolton Street, said she had lost thousands of pounds because vital parking spaces normally used by customers are occupied by workmen.

She said her net profit for April to September this year was £8,043, compared to £13,356 for the same period last year.

“There’s nowhere for customers to park,” she said. “Contractors have just taken over the whole place.

“It’s hit my business badly. Put it this way, If I’d not got any of my own money saved up, I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay staff.

“Customers generally come in their dinner hour, but now they can’t park.

“Last year, before we had all this we had traffic wardens round here regularly. After this we’ve had none.”

Around 200 affected customers have signed a petition in her shop. Wendy Holden, 61, who owns Impressed dry cleaners, Bolton Street, said: “It’s badly affecting business. Last week and the week before we lost approximately £500 a week. We can’t sustain that.

“They’ve taken up Back Ashby Street, Ashby Street and Standish Street as well as all the parking spaces here.” Adam, 25, of Adam’s Barbers, Bolton Street, said: “Eighty per cent of our customers drive here. We’re down 40 to 45 per cent. It’s very bad.”

Debbie Sanderson, 44, who runs Dina’s Nails and Beauty, Bolton Street, said: “My business has suffered. Are we going to get the customers back?”

The business owners say Asda could have opened the newly-constructed car park at the store to


And they say when the work is completed they are going to lose some of the current parking bays outside their shops.

A spokesman for contractor Mace, which is building the store, said: “During construction, Mace has been working closely with local businesses to ensure the minimum amount of disruption is caused.

“The progress of the project has been communicated to nearby residents and businesses by regular newsletter to ensure that the local community are kept up to date with anything that may cause any change to their regular way of working.

“With the project running alongside the major road alterations in the centre of Chorley, Mace has put numerous measures in place to mitigate any issues.

“These include helping a local business with maintenance requests to allow contractors to park away from Bolton Street and reduce any access issues to the local community.

“Mace has also been in regular contact with Lancashire County Council and sub-contractors to ensure that any issues have been dealt with and rectified with immediate effect.

“The project is registered with The Considerate Constructors Scheme and has achieved an extremely good score due to the help given to the local community and our high standards in Health, Safety and Environmental issues.”

Lancashire Coun Coun Bev Murray, who represents the area, said she had asked Coun John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, to instruct traffic wardens to operate in the area and to request Asda to open up the new car park for workmen.