Drivers told ‘look out for the roundabout’

The damaged roundabout on James Towers Way
The damaged roundabout on James Towers Way

As roundabouts go, it’s a pretty big one . . . not something you can easily miss.

Yet drivers on James Towers Way – the new Broughton Bypass – have still managed to plough onto the island, wrecking signs and ripping up kerbstones.

One early morning commuter mounted the roundabout at the D’Urton Lane end of the relief road and destroyed a chevron traffic marker, leaving bent supports and deep tyre marks across the grass.

Another, believed to be an HGV driver, failed to take the bend and gouged out a muddy trail, throwing up at least a dozen edging stones in the process.

Highways chiefs at County Hall, who spent £32m on the bypass – it only opened in October – have pledged to repair the damage. But they have urged drivers to be a bit more careful in future.

“We’re aware of very small number of incidents which occurred in the weeks immediately after the opening of the new road,” said Coun Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport. “This road has a large number of vehicles travelling through it every day, and no other incidents at this roundabout have been reported to us. Our highways team is aware of this situation and we will be replacing the signs and other damaged parts of the roundabout.

“We always remind people to drive carefully and appropriately on the county’s roads.”