Outcry over burial signs in village’s cemetery

Adlington Cemetery
Adlington Cemetery

New signs showing the religions of people buried in a graveyard are being removed after an outcry from their relatives.

Chorley Council placed the signs in Adlington Cemetery to show where members of the Church of England and Roman Catholic faiths were buried.

They also erected signs for “dissenters” and Bob Dootson, of Westhoughton Road, Adlington, was upset to see his parents’ graves in that section.

His father, William, was a member of the Church of England, while his mother, Anne, was Roman Catholic.

Bob, 67, said: “It was upsetting at the time. Lots of people in the village were unhappy.

“The definition of a dissenter is someone who doesn’t follow and accept the beliefs of the religion of the day, which in this case was the Church of England and Roman Catholic church.”

He disagreed with the signs being used to highlight different religions.

He added: “People shouldn’t be labelled in this day and age, surely we have moved on.

“No one should be labelled, no matter what religion they are.”

Bob contacted the council to complain and they have now decided to remove the signs.

Instead, the different areas of the graveyard will be labelled with letters.

He said: “They have obviously taken our concerns on board.”

He has also asked the council to update the cemetery information so a similar problem does not happen in future.

Coun Adrian Lowe, who oversees the council’s cemeteries, said: “We’ve had some feedback on the signs and what we’ve agreed to do is take them down and change the wording so it doesn’t refer to the religion, as we don”t want to offend anyone.”