Paige seeking finance to continue football dream

Paige Gowans-Smith
Paige Gowans-Smith
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A student is seeking financial help to keep pursuing her dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Paige Gowans-Smith, 20, moved to South Carolina, USA, in August after securing a football scholarship at Anderson University.

She has dreamed of a career in the sport since the age of six and previously played for Liverpool FC.

But the scholarship does not cover all her costs and financial problems could mean Paige has to leave university and move back to Canal Walk, Chorley.

Her father, Eric Gowans, died just three months before she moved to the USA and her mother, Susan Smith, is struggling to help her financially.

Paige said: “It is an honour for me to play the sport I love whilst also gaining a great education here in the States.

“But of course, like any great adventure, long term anyway, it can be expensive.

“I would be devastated to have to cut this amazing journey short.”

Paige works 20 hours a week in a gym but cannot work more due to visa rules.

So Susan is now appealing for sponsorship to help Paige achieve her dream.

She believes Paige needs £10,000 a year to cover the costs associated with her kinesiology degree.

Susan, a teaching assistant, said: “This is the last resort.

“I have looked at trying to get a loan, but because she is studying outside the country, there is nothing for her.

“I don’t want her to have to come home.”

Anyone able to help Paige can contact Susan by emailing